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Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you’ll find all the information you need here, however if you need to contact
our customer care team, please get in touch via our Contact Us page, live chat (available from 9am – midnight 7 days a week) or email

1.0 General

1.1 I’ve just registered with Bruce Betting and I have an error message saying my account is closed. Why is this and why can’t I access my account?

Firstly, thanks for joining the bookmaker Giving You More. There could be many reasons for this, including;

• Already having a Bruce Betting account
• You may have self excluded with another FSB Technology partner (click here for a list of other partners)
• Your address may not quite match to that listed on the electoral role.

If you contact our team via the Contact Us page or via to let them know of your issue, they may be able to assist you.

1.2 I have forgotten my Username/Password?

You can request a new password via our login page. Simply click the link ‘reset password’ and follow the instructions. If you still encounter issues you can contact
our Customer Care Team and answer some security questions to get your username confirmed.

But don't worry, if you contact our Customer Care team via the Contact Us page or via to let them know of your issue, they may be able to assist you.

1.3 How do I verify my account?

In order for us to complete your first withdrawal you will need to verify your account (one time only).
The reason we ask upon your first withdrawal is so we do not hold you up upon joining (we don’t want you to miss out on a winner).
Shortly after your withdrawal request, you will receive an email to the email address registered on your account requesting the following;

• A copy of government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport.
• A copy of a utility bill to confirm your address (recent of three months).

Please send these documents to and
Our Customer Care team will verify your account within 24 hours of receipt so you can continue to enjoy our services uninterrupted.

1.4 How do I modify my personal details?

For security purposes the only details you can change yourself via my account is your mobile phone number. If you wish to change any other details, please contact our team via the contact us page or via At Bruce Betting we follow strict guidelines in relation to AML (Anti-Money Laundering), fraud and KYC (Know Your Customer) and your security is of utmost importance to us.
We may ask you to verify your updated details by sending in documentation.

1.5 Why can’t I use my Free Bet or Casino Bonus?

There may be several reasons you cannot use a Free Bet or Casino bonus. First please check My Account | My Sportsbook Account | Free Bets to ensure you have received
a Free Bet. Also please ensure that you note the expiry of the Free Bet so not to miss out. Our Free Bets must be placed on selections of EVS or greater, and not exceed 10/1 (11.0).

Please also be aware of the terms and conditions that apply to our Promotions/Concessions. If you still have issues in relation to your Free Bets, please contact
our team via the Contact Us page or via to let them know of your issue, they may be able to assist you.

1.6 How do I close my Bruce Betting account?

There are a number of ways you can close your account, either temporarily or permanently, and these can be found via My Account | Gambling Controls.
We provide options such as Account Closure, Timeouts, Reality Check and Self-Exclusions, but it is best to contact our team via the Contact Us page or via

1.7 I want to Self-Exclude, what is the process I need to follow?

At Bruce Betting, we’re serious about responsible gambling, which is why we offer a number of options such as;

• Reality Check (your account will be inaccessible for an amount of time as set by you).
• Timeout (your account will be inaccessible for a period of time ranging from one week to six weeks).
• Deposit Limit (you can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits for your account.
• Self Exclusion (a minimum of 6 months, cannot be reversed, applies to all FSB Technology operated partners)

Please also view our Responsible Gaming page for more information.

2.0 Bet Settlement, Payments and Rules

2.1 How long will it take for bet settlement?

We always look to try and settle your bets as quickly as possible but due to a number of external factors including enquiries, delays and third party data feeds there may be a
slight delay on occasions. If you have a query about settlement or about our sports betting rules, please contact us via or check out our rules here.

2.2 Depositing funds?

To deposit funds, you can either go to My Account | Deposit Cash, or you can follow the ‘Deposit’ button on the top right hand side of our website.
After adding your card you can even deposit from within your betslip.

2.3 Why hasn’t my deposit been authorised?

There are a number of reasons your deposit may not have been authorised, including;

• Incorrect card details have been entered
• Has your card recently expired?
• Have you recently been issued a new card?
• Do the card details registered with us match those with your issuing bank?
• Have you set up a deposit limit that you may be exceeding on this occasion?

If you have answered yes to any of the above please contact us via informing them of your issues.

2.4 How long will my withdrawal take?

Once your account is verified (see term 1.3 for more on verifying your account), your withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours of your request and once processed by our team it will take 3-5 working days to reach your account (usually the former).

2.5 How will I know my withdrawal has been processed?

Once you make a withdrawal request you will see a success message. You may still cancel your withdrawal if you wish, but only when the cancel option is available.

2.6 How many cards can I have on my account?

You may only have one card on your account at any given time. This is to ensure we adhere to all AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and fraud guidelines set out.

2.7 How do I add/remove a payment option from my account?

In order to add/remove a payment option, please contact our team via the Contact Us page or via

2.8 What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Credit and Debit cards, in particular Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller & Skrill. Please note that should you deposit via Neteller or Skrill, you will be ineligible for Free Bet promotions/concessions. We are looking to add additional payment methods and will notify you when we do.

3.0 Casino

3.1 Can I track my churn/rollover/wagering on a bonus?

Yes, you can track your churn on your active bonus via My Account | My Casino Account | My Agreements. From here you’ll see the active promotion, your progress and your bonus amount.
Only once you’ve reached 100% of your churn will you be able to withdraw/use your bonus winnings.

3.2 What games can I use my Casino Bonus on?

You can use you Casino Bonus on all casino games, however not all games contribute towards your wagering requirements. Some only contribute a certain percentage, as follows;

• Slots (100%)
• Scratch Cards (100%)
• Roulette (10%)
• Blackjack (10%)
• Poker (5%)
• Progressive Slots (5%)
• Baccarat (0%)

Examples: A bet of €/£10 on slots will be calculated as €/£10 for wagering requirements whilst a bet of €/£10 in roulette or blackjack will be calculated as €/£1.

3.3 What is meant by churn/rollover/wagering in relation to a Casino Bonus?

Churn/rollover/wagering is the process of using your full bonus given a set number of times. Until the churn is reached you will be unable to withdraw/use the any winnings from the bonus plan.

Examples: You receive a €/£10 Casino Bonus from Bruce Betting. Let’s say the required churn rate is 25 times. This means you must stake the €/£10 bonus fully 25 times before funds become available.